At Gut Saunstorf every guest can participate in our morning and evening meditations. If necessary, there is an introduction to meditation.

Meditation has a long tradition as a way to self and to God, as an opportunity to find one's own center. There is hardly a culture that did not know the meditative state and that did not develop any systematic meditation exercises. Meditation itself takes place when we let go of everything and arrive at the moment, just as it is. Meditation is therefore not something we can do. It is a state that occurs as soon as we actually do nothing. Then doing is done by itself. We can observe it. Every meditation technique is designed to dive into this state of deep relaxation while at the same time being wide awake.

Dark meditation

In the secluded dark rooms of the manor house, participants are guided to deliberately allow the experience of meditation in complete darkness. The disappearance of the outer world and of all sensory stimuli can lead very deeply inward. The darkness nourishes in an unexpected way, bringing relaxation and silence.

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