Working guest

Working guests are welcome as an important part of our intergral overall concept: Gut Saunstorf, as a Place of Stillness, requires a framework to support people who are interested in their innermost being. The community and the place are dependent on people who help and support them by their efforts. Structured by the seasons, there are different areas of activity and those interested in getting involved can plan their stay according to seasonal work, or simply come and work with us where it is needed.

The following areas need intensive support from April to October:

  • Vegetable garden and orchard, from sowing to harvesting
  • Maintaining the park with its outdoor facilities, craft work such as building fences, benches and more

All-year workspaces are:

  • Easy cleaning in the kitchen and housekeeping
  • Care and cleaning of the rooms
  • Work in the kitchen
  • Caretaker support for skilled craftsmen
  • Special projects e.g. research, technical support for events and more.

Wenn dann Interesse besteht, mehr über sich selbst wissen zu wollen, hilft die Unterstützung der Klostergemeinschaft und die Angebote des Hauses bei der Erforschung des denkenden Geistes und man wird in die eigenen, inneren Regionen geführt. Die offene Sangha, ein regelmäßiges Treffen des erweiterten Kreises der Gemeinschaft, eignet sich dafür gut. Speziell für die Gruppe der Arbeitsgäste, durchschnittlich leben 4 – 6 hier, gibt es ein wöchentliches Treffen. Es wird angeleitet und ist sehr hilfreich bei der Erforschung der auftauchenden Themen. Auch Einzelstunden bei den hiesigen Therapeuten können gebucht werden, um Selbsterforschung näher kennenzulernen und fortzuführen.

We offer you… 

  • Three vegetarian meals per day, like everything here 100% organic
  • Participation in the daily meditations
  • The enriching experience of working in a team
  • Regular meetings
  • Free participation in the events of the Sangha, such as film or dance show
  • Accommodation in a 1 or 2-bed room in a working-house for a weekly rate of 45 €

We hope for… 

  • motivated and self-responsible people with a practical and flexible attitude who will support us 6 hours a day. The workdays and free days are scheduled depending on the duration of your stay. The minimum stay is fourteen days, including one free day

You may request to become an active guest at Gut Saunstorf. You are welcome to apply for the field of work that interests you. We will send you the necessary documents. Please contact us; or by calling 00 49 38 424 - 227 912.





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