Mystery School

The modern Mystery School is the heart of the Enneallionce – School for Inner Work. As a school of integral practice it deals with all levels of the human conciousness. The work touches the three centres of human intelligence – instinctive, emotional and mental – and points to the possibility of comprehensive transformation of the inner narrowness of the conditioned I-conciousness. Real transformation does not happen through certain secret practices, but through the epiphany of a silent mind (no-mind). To this retreat into the inner silence the work is ultimately dedicated. To be able to permanently taste this silence, it is sometimes necessary to pass through the inner storm that can be aroused temporarily through inner work.

“A Mystery School is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man. (…) By understanding these mysteries, the student realizes (…) himself as ultimately being one with the divine.”

This clear description comes from theosophist Grace F. Knoche from her book ‘The Mystery Schools’ (Theosophical University press 1999). Presumably, there have been Mystery Schools in all big religious currents of the history of man, but the term is of Western European origin and goes back to ancient Greece. According to Knoche, though, the first Mystery Schools were already founded 4 – 5 million years ago, “… when Atlantis threatened to destroy itself through spiritual sacrilege”.

Such claims found in esoteric philosophy are surely not compatible with the Darwinist theory of evolution. But instead of getting entangled in historical speculation, it seems more appropriate to see Mystery Schools as a timeless place of the teaching, a place of teaching and learning, not of seeking. A place for intense exploration of concealed inner laws of the universe, mental discipline and inner awakening. From time immemorial these schools have been serving the revival, the conservation and the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation; the knowledge about cosmic laws, about love, inner peace, the self.

Mystery means secret, and in the Mystery Schools knowledge has been and is taught that is not accessible to the general public. But what does secret, secret knowledge, secret teaching mean? Much too often this has been associated with secretiveness, esoteric rubbish, magical hocus-pocus and superstition. The thinking mind is fascinated by secrets, overlooking the obvious. Rumi, the great sufi master and poet of the 13th century, therefore called it the open secret – a contradiction in itself. The knowledge about the true nature of man is obvious and at the same time concealed,  accessible for everybody, but recognized only by very few. That is the real secret.

“The secret of Inner Work is letting happen, not doing.”
OM C. Parkin

The Inner Circle of the Mystery School

The heart of the Inner School, the Mystery School, has an inner circle lead by OM C. Parkin, where, as many students confirm, the fire burns hot.

Part of the path has been traveled, the hunger of the soul to reach its core is strong and the longing for the deep view of the divine leads you further on the path.

Inner learning means lifelong learning in an attitude of lively 'not-knowing', curious  earnestness and truthfulness towards the heart. Thus the desire and the willingness to enter the inner circle of the Mystery School can grow in you.

The external requirements for this are:

1. Taking part in these meetings:

  • ‘Enneagram and wisdom teaching’ (This preparatory meeting will take place in 2019)
  • ‘About the youngest part of the soul: children of freedom’
  • ‘About the youngest part of the soul: tyranny of childlikeness’

2. The creation of the Enneagram-map of character fixation in four individual sessions. At least two of these sessions have to be completed before the beginning of the Mystery School.

Taking part in the trilogy about the Enneagram with the subjects ‘Unfulfilled Love’, ‘Anger’ and ‘Anxiety’ is strongly recommended as a preparation.

There is no public advertising for the Inner Circle. The next start will probably be in 2019, for more information contact Beatrice Kalal or Isabell Jahn in the Enneallionce.

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