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Corona Crisis

The Price of Fear

We are not having a Corona crisis, we are having a fear crisis. Say 20% Corona, 80% fear. Or in other words: 20% reality, 80% non-reality. Whoever wants to know something about the madness of this crisis, the hysteria, the total disproportion of the reactions, the actionism, needs insight into the system of fear. Because what we are currently experiencing in incredulous amazement is not a reaction to a virus, but a reaction driven by unconscious fear of death that doesn’t want to be felt. Fear is not just a feeling, it is a closed system of thinking , a mental-emotional bubble. This system, which is closely linked to the level of consciousness called "rational thinking" (see also OM C. Parkin; Angst, die Flucht vor der Wirklichkeit (Fear, the Flight from Reality); p.43), is not a bubble in which individual people reside. It is a bubble in which the great majority of people of the modern Occident lives. And because it is the majority that is affected, it is considered “normal“ (see also OM C. Parkin; Intelligence of Awakening; p. 163/164 about the insanity of normality). And what is normal, nobody notices. Politicians, economists, civil servants, and especially mainstream medical practitioners, people of all strata of society, all of them live in the mental system of fear. In this rational state the thinking mind pretends that it has to protect life, but in reality it is on the run from approaching death. And so we become witness to a great paradox: in its attempt to escape the presence of death, it kills the vitality and dynamics of social life, destroys gigantic amounts of money on the stock exchange, paralyzes the economy and destroys entire livelihoods.

The second insight we need in order to wake up from all this madness is an insight into the art of dealing with an (inner) opponent. The opponent coming towards us here - in the form of a supposedly fatal virus - is death, the most powerful opponent for the ego. The healing art of the West is mostly limited to mainstream Western medicine, strictly scientific of course, and supposedly free of subjective limitations and loss of reality that are the result of the bubble of the personal, thinking mind. It causes us to put all of our life force behind fighting the enemy, in order to practically destroy him before he can get too close to us. Regarding the threat of the Corona virus, I would like to ask the following unanswered question: What would actually happen if, in a calm and consciously confident way, we allowed this virus to get close and spread? While at the same time exercising natural caution, observing hygiene rules, etc., as it is natural when dealing with any pathogens? Would masses of people really die, or would this natural course of events allow the immune system of the great majority of people to acquire immunity through confrontation with the virus? And wouldn't this integrate the vital force of the opponent (in the form of this virus), instead of having to endure the next attack of mutations of the virus that are to follow? The vast majority of people who make no conscious effort whatsoever to consistently follow an inner path and thus gain knowledge of the invisible spiritual worlds will consider this to be a simple theory. The seemingly rational system of fear working within them will make every effort, using its doubts to ultimately maintain its view of supposed external threats. But people on the inner path can confirm by their own experience that, to truly defeat an opponent, it takes willingness to let him get really close. Then, in this closeness it will most likely become clear that it is not even necessary to eliminate him.


This text describes the perspective of an inner teacher and might be difficult to grasp for people who are not on an inner path.  As within, so without." This is also a principle of internal teaching. But many people - even students of the inner path - find it difficult to transfer the laws of the inner world to the outer. Therefore, here is the "Corona special newsletter" from the well-known Hamburg doctor Dr. Tank, who takes a differentiated perspective from a medical point of view. Tenor: 60-70% of all people would have to go through such a virus infection anyway, for most of them it would not cause any symptoms at all, it would be completely normal and could not be prevented but only delayed. And the illnesses and deaths in the worldwide parallel influenza epidemic (real flu) are significantly higher.

Excerpt: "For me, the existence of many people is currently being jeopardized because of an undifferentiated assessment of the situation. For me it would make more sense to massively protect the vulnerable group of people [old and sick people] and to let the barely endangered young people go through the disease. The collateral damage exceeds the damage caused by the disease." Accordingly, he believes, that for example school and kindergarten closures are not understandable from a medical point of view.

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