Monastic community

Teacher, teaching, community - these are the three pillars of the path of knowledge, which have been imparted to all seekers in all spiritual traditions over the millennia. People have always come together in communities to grow, to mature and to recognize their true nature.

What is community? How does it support me on my path? What does it mean for me to be in community

In many people today there is a longing to rediscover the nature and value of community for themselves and to find ways of walking together with others: to grow and to mature, to track down limitations and to develop the potential freed of limits, to know the truth and to live in truthfulness, inspired in the best sense. In the past it was mostly traditional monastic communities that walked the spiritual path whereas nowadays we find groups of people around awakened spiritual masters who live and learn in communities similar to the ancient monasteries.

“Community is an inner topic of the female soul. It does not necessarily need a certain outer form of living, such as an outer community, for its realization. Such a spiritual community is, nevertheless, a trendsetting model for and a healing part of a peaceful society that is in line with inner growth. In order for the community to serve the awakening of the total human potential, we need an inner realization of two opposed subjects which necessitate each other: community and aloneness.”
OM C. Parkin

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