Our community

The monastic community is a living organism. The core is made up of students of the inner path with OM C. Parkin. There are also people in the community who feel attracted [to the place] in their hearts without at first being close stundents of OM. Aloneness in community is the koan which rules life here.

Everyone is welcome here who bears in himself the desire for truth and freedom from suffering and to get involved and contribute to community life. At Gut Saunstorf - Place of Silence, more than  forty-five people are gathered. We meet regularly as sangha, plus once a month with OM C. Parkin, the teacher and spiritual leader. We accompany each other in our self-inquiry, thereby following the deep desire for self-knowledge. This requires the willingness to be truthful to myself and others. In the circle of the sangha, each person is teacher and student at the same time. From this arises a field of lively learning and self-remembrance.

Our living is not exclusively earned here at Gut Saunstorf – Place of Silence. Some people work here, others earn their money outside of Saunstorf; some live here at the center, others nearby. Again other members of the community are here only temporarily as working guests. Everyone contributes with their volutary work. It is a natural act of giving and receiving, for this sacral place  gives back a lot on a spiritual level. It serves the purpose of sharing the presence of the master. Self-inquiry, self-study, meditation, philosophical discourse, instruction in inner work, body work, playing music together and much more take place here. The day is structured but also flowing, adapting to the circumstances.

Being a student does not require being present here every day. OM's students are found also in other cities and countries. But they are present regularly at the meetings with the teacher, be it here at the place of the teaching, at Gut Saunstorf – Place of Silence, or at other places OM travels to.

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