Over the years OM has published several essays, i.e. "The Myth of Enlightenment" and given many interviews.

In 1998, his first book appeared: "Die Geburt des Löwen. Dialoge zur Selbsterforschung", publishing house Verlag Alf Lüchow. An abridged version of this book is available in English: "The Birth of the Lion. Dialogues of Self-Inquiry", advaitaMedia, 2003.
His second book: "Auge in Auge mit Dir Selbst. Gespräche im Sein" ("Eye to Eye with yourSelf. Talks in Being") appeared in early Spring 2003, published by advaitaMedia. This book is not yet available in English.
The third book "Intelligenz des Erwachens. Die spirituelle Neugeburt des Menschen." ('Intelligence of Awakening. Navigating the Wisdom Path'), published by advaitaMedia in 2010, is the first in a planned trilogy. This book will be available in English in 2019.
"Angst - Flucht aus der Wirklichkeit" (advaita Media 2015) is the first of book of a trilogy. This book is not available in english yet.
The translation of "Das digitales Zeitalter aus Sicht der Weisheitslehre" ('The Digital Age - A Critical View from a Wisdom Perspective') is now available, published by Gateways Books and Tapes, Nevada City in California USA.

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