The spiritual background


What is a modern monastery?

The modern monastery is both, a sacred place based on spiritual tradition, and an enlightened place of contemporary spirituality.

It bows to the monastic traditions and goes beyond them. It is a temple, a place of stillness, a place for preservation and transmission of spiritual knowledge, carrying the living flame of the heart into present time.

“In our modern society there are only remnants of sacred places. Temples of consumption have replaced temples of God. Sacred places are the heart of every culture.
They are a means of SELF-rememberance.”

OM C. Parkin

Modern mysticism combines the spiritual traditions of the East and the West. In the light of this teaching, the modern monastery becomes a place of inner union.


The modern, trans-denominational monastery is open to all people who seek retreat and want to connect with themselves – regardless of their spiritual affiliation.


OM C. Parkin

OM C. Parkin is the initiator and founder of the modern monastery. He teaches at Gut Saunstorf.

OM is wisdom teacher, mystic and inner scientist.

He has traveled the on the path of awakening, sharing the skills of navigating the paths towards ultimate recognition, avoiding their pitfalls and dead ends with spiritual mastery. He teaches how to discover and listen to the inner teacher. He accompanies whoever is interested on their path to the essential core of their being, the SELF. In Darshan, he passes on his knowledge of the Absolute in the presence of the still mind.

“Simply see with open eyes and open mind. Without hanging on to anything, by looking through into the depth of yourself. The realization can be found only by being while being aware of the eternity of Being.”
OM C. Parkin

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