Concert: Manish Vyas & Band

"music should be healing
music should uplift the soul
music should inspire"

Manish Vyas

At the end of the Silent Love Retreat at Gut Saunstorf, the internationally renowned and esteemed musician Manish Vyas will take us on a deep musical journey. His music is a wonderfully balanced composition of authentic Indian sounds and a touch of fusion. "Fusion" means the incorporation of contemporary modern elements into his music that leave the essence and quality of classical Indian sounds untouched.

Manish Vyas Portrait

Manish Vyas is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher. On his musical and spiritual path he has composed numerous songs, mainly in the areas of devotion, mysticism, mantras and Sufism. He carries Indian music noticeably in his heart and has made it his duty to preserve and pass on the roots of this original and deep music. His repertoire includes a wide range of sounds - from Ghazal, Sufi, Mantra, Kirtan, Instrumental, Classical to Dance - always combined with the demand for quality and authenticity.

Manish Vyas Konzert

He has a sensitive feeling to choose exactly the right arrangement for the respective place and the audience - not too much, not too little - exactly the right balance.

Dive this evening into the world of classical Indian sounds combined with a touch of fusion!

Note: Mantra Music Workshop with Manish Vyas on Sunday, 4.08.2019

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