Mantra Music Workshop with Manish Vyas

Sunday 4. August 4pm - 7.30 pm

Naad Shakti - the power of sacred Indian music

Indian music has developed from the experiences of people deeply immersed in meditation who have expressed the highest consciousness through their music. This is also the reason why Indian music in particular has the ability to bring people into a meditative state. MANTRA is a sound, a vibration - and the right vibration only develops when it is pronounced correctly. It is a key through which a higher dimension can be opened up. The meaning is not as important as the correct recitation of the mantra. For this reason in India a lot of importance is attached to learning Sanskrit correctly (sometimes for a lifetime) in order to be able to pronounce, understand and internalize the sound / energy ratio correctly.

In this special workshop, the internationally renowned Indian musician MANISH VYAS passes on the deep knowledge of the Vedic mantras in seven stages. His goal is to teach through his workshops exactly that music which refers to the origins of the mantras, as well as the study of the mantras themselves. This makes a big difference in their understanding and effectiveness. Among other things, we will repeat a selected mantra 108 times together to experience the deep experience of Japa practice.

This workshop is addressed to anyone who is interested in learning and/or deepening their knowledge of the sacred mantras from an authentic source.

„Mantra is like an invocation - an encrypted code - and it is important to make this call appropriately. We learn this in my workshops with the respect and deep admiration that this tradition deserves.“ Manish Vyas

Manish Vyas Mantra Workshop

That awaits you:

  • 1. singing exercises to the Mantra singing
  • 2. history of mantras, relation to tradition & science and how they are practiced in India
  • 3. understanding and exact pronunciation of the mantras, their healing vibrations, their effects and their use in daily life
  • 4. introduction to the Japa meditation of the mantra (repeat a mantra 108 times): reference of science and tradition behind the Japa practice, the four levels of the Japa practice, application of the Japa practice with a selected mantra
  •  5. the importance of Sanskrit, correct pronunciation and its effects on human physiology, the psyche and the whole energy system
  • 6. use of certain mantras as part of yoga and pranayama practice
  • 7. introduction to the concept of Bija Mantras

The workshop will be held in English with German translation.

Note: The evening before Manish Vyas will give a concert at Gut Saunstorf.

Information about the workshop at:
Deva  0151. 598 64 738

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