Immersion into a time without words


Immersion into a time without words, into oneself.

Silence, consciously renouncing to speak, leads naturally to a deepening and a being-with-oneself.

This week of silence in our modern monastery is a special experience and holds the understanding of being alone in community.

Get to know and appreciate it. Establish it more and more frequently in the often loud and noisy everyday life, amid news and conversations, challenges and demands. Do it
for your own sake.

Find your needs during this time and meet them. During these days, you will feel recharged and refreshed.

During a time of contemplation at the monastery, you customize your day entirely according to your needs. You can spend time in the park, in the library – with true treasures of wisdom literature – or in the surrounding nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Baltic Sea.

The meditations in the morning and evening support you during your stay to focus on your inner self and let go of the stress of everyday life.

You can also choose from a range of supportive treatments for your body. Here, therapists are on hand to offer you massages and body treatments.

Großer Saal 2

Week of Silence



Sun, 9. – Fri, 14. June

Mon, 8. – Sun, 14. July
longer week of silence

Mon, 9. – Fri, 13. Sept.

Sun, 20. – Fri, 25. Oct.

Mon, 9. – Fri, 13. Dec. 

check-in time: 2 pm – 5 pm

check-out time: until 10 am

Start: 5 pm with a home introduction, dinner, 8pm introduction to meditation and start of silence.

Week of Silence