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Gut Saunstorf invites you to take time for yourself, to retreat from the loud, demanding world with its speeded up life. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy leisure in silence and beauty?

The perfect place for this is provided by the old manor house, situated in a little village in the Mecklenburg region near the Hanseatic city of Wismar. It stands in splendid open countryside, catching the Baltic breeze. It is a creative place, and in it’s energetic field it is possible to re-set the switch, allowing for change and for taking new paths when the time comes.

Visiting a modern monastery brochure:
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Time-out Retreat Stillness Monastery Saunstorf

You have a wide range of options at your disposal. The place offers space for holidays, for relaxing and unwinding, as well as for the exploration of that which moves us from our innermost heart.

A basic pillar of our daily routine is the silent meditation each morning and evening, to which you are warmly invited. The day is individually tailored to your needs, whether in the park, in the library - with real treasures of wisdom literature - on the bike (available for rent) or in the surroundings near the Baltic Sea, the Hansestadt Wismar or in the state capital of Schwerin.

There are regular open meetings of the sangha and you are also invited to philosophical discourses and movie nights. The office will provide information concerning these activities.

If you like, you can work meditatively with us in the house or the garden for part of the day, following the old monastic rule of ora et labora (pray and work).

Other guests dedicate their stay entirely to the exploration of the mind and soul. In order to meet your individual needs we offer you a personal consultation on arrival. Here we explain our offers and plan how we can coordinate them to best suit your requirements.

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