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What form of nourishment will truly minister to the soul? The modern, inter-denominational Gut Saunstorf Monastery near the Hanseatic city of Wismar, operates under the aegis of the charitable OM Foundation Inner Science. At its core, it is founded on spiritual tradition, conveyed by a wisdom teacher and actively lived out by students of the way.

This place of stillness invites you to withdraw from outward life for a while, to pay attention to your inner Self and nourish the soul.


Contemplation in the Monastery

The modern monastery invites you to take time for yourself and to retreat from the noise of. Relax and renew through silence, meditation, yoga and much more.

Weeks of Silence

Immersion into a time without words, into oneself. To be in silence leads naturally to a deepening, a being-with-yourself. You can recharge, recover deeply und reconnect with your inner needs.

Darkness Retreat

A retreat of several days in complete darkness – alone with yourself in a pitch black dark room and daily therapeutic guidance. This is very helpful in approaching one’s own inner self.

Monastery Guests

Some Impressions

A wonderful place to get silent and for deep listening. Delicious organic food, lovely, open-minded people

Alice Linde

I know of no other comparable place of this clarity.

Andreas von Oertzen

Gut Saunstorf – Place of Stillness is a precious place in our troubled times. Deceleration and concentration on the essentials – that is what this place is about.

Ben Albrecht

A welcoming and safe place for opening your heart. So that you can meet your Self again.

Silvia Martin

Modernes Kloster

Modern Monastery

A monastery is a place of silence, contemplation and seclusion from the world. We continue this tradition in the modern monastery – free from obsolete confessional constraints. This inner path serves being here in this very moment. It includes everything, and it is oriented towards the divine.

Contemplation & Silence

Daily Meditations

As a guest of our monastery you can arrange your daily routine around your needs. If you wish, you are warmly welcome to participate in our regular daily offers of moving meditation and sitting in silence in the morning and in the evening.

Every morning and evening you can participate in a half-hour silent meditation. In the morning you can also partake in a half-hour exercise programme (Yoga, QiGong, etc.)

Gut Saunstorf – Place of Stillness

Insight into the Monastery

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